Ripcoil RP6

Golf’s First Training Aid with a Whippy, Heavyweight Shaft and a Driver Head You Can Actually Hit

The New Ripcoil RP6 Improves Your Swing in 4 Key Areas to Create a Silky-Smooth Backswing, Ferociously Fast Downswing & Tons of Extra Distance

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Paul Polinsky was struggling to keep up. And man, was he sick of it.

He’d crank a solid drive and think, “Yeah, I got all of that one.” Then the next guy would smoke one 30 yards past him. Been there and done that, have you?

Then you know how Paul felt. Worst of all, he figured there wasn’t a whole lot he could do about it. Hey, when you’re 63 years old and weigh 150 pounds, you’re bound to be the short-knocker in most foursomes.

Mind you, Paul wasn’t giving up. The 9 handicapper and self-described “range hound” constantly worked on his swing. Yet all he had to show for it was a ho-hum, 199-yard driving average.

Searching for an answer, and figuring he had nothing to lose, Paul decided to test a new training aid at Ft. Worth’s Squaw Creek Golf Course.

He liked what he saw, calling the aid “user-friendly” and noting the absence of awkward straps. He enjoyed swinging it, too. “Feels like it’s working the big muscles,” he said.

What really impressed Paul, though, were his results. After using the practice aid for just a few minutes, his drives started getting longer. And longer… 211 yards… 213… 223… And then…


A 231-yard bolt from the blue.

And a new lease on life.

“Most of the people I play with outdrive me pretty substantially,” Paul said later.

“I'm constantly looking for distance and an easy way to get it. I think I just found it.”

Of course, you probably want to know what he found. You’ll see this amazing new swing tool in just a moment.

More importantly, you want to know if it can do for you what it did for Mr. Polinsky (and his delighted cohorts, whom you’ll hear from as well).

Our answer: You bet your ascot it can.

What makes us so sure? Well, we know that every golfer can benefit from:

  • A smooth, on-plane backswing (free from the quick or faulty motions that throw off your positions)
  • A perfectly timed transition (in place of the handsy “casting” action that robs you of distance)
  • A ferociously fast downswing (delivering the speed you need to crush it off the tee)
  • A steady, free-flowing tempo (which makes your swing easily repeatable), and…
  • A swing controlled by the big muscles of the hips, torso and shoulders (instead of the twitchy, unreliable hands and wrists)

Combine these elements and you, like Paul Polinsky, could easily earn…

Up to 30 extra yards off the tee, plus…

  • Improved accuracy throughout the bag
  • Shorter, easier approach shots that set you up to score
  • Birdies and pars instead of bogeys and doubles
  • Next-level consistency from hole to hole, round after round, and…
  • Bragging rights over your befuddled buddies (who won’t know what hit ‘em)

The possibilities are mighty tantalizing, we know.

But let’s save the daydreaming for later – after you’ve seen the new training aid that will reinvigorate your swing like it did Paul’s.

Introducing the All-New Ripcoil RP6

There’s plenty of details coming up, plus brow-raising results and abundant praise from the golfers who tested it. First, we’ll share the basics on the Ripcoil RP6.

1. What it is

A training aid with a super-flexible, heavyweight shaft and a hittable driver head. The latter feature sets Ripcoil apart from similar training aids you may have seen.

Ripcoil’s Specs:
Length: 42.5 inches, or slightly shorter than a standard men’s driver
Weight: 485 grams (1.07 lbs.), about 1.5X heavier than a standard driver
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Shaft: Fiberglass core with PVC outer layer
Available in right- and left-handed versions

2. What it does

Improves your swing in four key areas: tempo, transition, lag and timing, while teaching you to swing the arms like a blur through the hitting zone. Ripcoil also instills the proper swing sequence, led by the big muscles, and prevents your hands and wrists from dominating.

The best part: Use Ripcoil often and these crucial swing elements will become second nature.

3. Who it’s for

Any golfer who wants to:

  • Get considerably longer not just with the driver, but throughout the bag, while maintaining and likely improving their current accuracy.
  • Swing with smooth, efficient tempo from the first hole to the last, round after round.
  • Build a repeatable, reliable swing that ensures ball-striking and scoring consistency.

Know anyone who fits that description? (Wink-wink.)

4. How you use it

Unike some training aids, Ripcoil is made to be swung just like a normal driver. As we mentioned, you can actually hit balls with it, too. We recommend spending about 80% of your time with Ripcoil simply making practice swings, and the other 20% hitting shots on the range (or in the yard hitting wiffle balls).

As a bonus, swinging Ripcoil makes for a nice, low-impact workout that builds those all-important “golf muscles.” and enhances your flexibility.

To help you progress as quickly as possible, each order includes free, downloadable video tips on using your Ripcoil.

5. What you can expect (and when you can expect it)

All of the above benefits – including guaranteed distance gains (which we’ll explain shortly) – can be yours. And probably a lot sooner than you’d guess. How do we know? Well…

Our nine test golfers gained an average of 11.2 driving yards the very first time they used Ripcoil.

While we don’t promise you’ll see those kinds of near-instant results, we’re certain that with a few minutes of regular practice, at home or on the range, you’ll enjoy major improvement in short order.

Linda Moss sure did. After a brief workout with Ripcoil, she picked up an average of 15.5 yards per drive. (With a few more yards, she said, “I could drive a couple of the greens from the women's tee.”)

Thomas Tallant topped that. His average jumped a whopping 22.9 yards in mere minutes.

Mark Felton went him one better. Make that 2.7 better: Mark gained an incredible 25.6 yards during his short test. Oh, by the way – he did it with a bad back.

We could go on spouting the eye-popping stats our testers posted. And we will, after briefly explaining the process.

The nine golfers who took part sported handicaps from 9 to 20. Each player hit a series of shots with his or her own driver, then used Ripcoil for practice swings and some actual shots before switching back to their driver. For every drive – before and after their Ripcoil swings – a TrackMan launch monitor captured stats including carry distance, total distance, clubhead speed and launch angle.

And boy, did those stats speak volumes.

After using Ripcoil:

  • All 9 golfers hit their longest drive of the day
  • All 9 increased their average clubhead speed
  • 8 of 9 increased their average driving distance
  • 6 of 9 added 10 or more yards to their average
  • 8 of 9 beat their best “before” drive by 10 or more yards

Most impressively…

“I've always been looking for another 20 yards on my tee ball, and I think I may have just found it.”
Susan Blackwell | 14.2 handicap

All 9 said they’d recommend the Ripcoil RP6 to other golfers.

And not just any golfer. Every golfer.
“Even somebody that’s a tour player,” Mark Felton said.

Here’s a sampling of their thoughts on the Ripcoil RP6:

Bland Smith
I swung harder, yet hit the ball straighter

My biggest struggle off the tee is accuracy. One time I'm slicing, the next time I'm pulling it to the left. This really helped me to narrow that down so that I was swinging harder, yet still (getting) more accuracy than I had before.

Coming through the ball I could feel the head when it caught up, and it gave me confidence in being able to swing harder than I usually do. Any time that you can increase your drives 25, 30 yards, that's a no brainer there. Yes, I would definitely recommend the Ripcoil.

Bland Smith | 18 handicap
Mark Felton
Ripcoil made me so much smoother

My swing after using the Ripcoil was so much smoother. It made all the difference in the world. After swinging it a couple times, it taught me to slow my backswing down (and) increase my swing speed going after the ball. It just launched the ball a lot further. I mean, it is amazing.

It has taught me really quick some of my faults and how to correct my faults and I'd have to say that yes, that's a great training aid for anybody.

Mark Felton | 17.2 handicap
Mike Kruger
Newfound distance was a nice surprise

Ripcoil was a new experience for me. After taking a few swings with it and then using my club, I seemed to hit the ball 10, 15, 20 yards further than I've been hitting the ball almost my whole life. I'm just an average, Joe Blow golfer, but it was a nice feel for me.

If I hit a good ball, it's (typically) 180, 185 yards, and I hit some balls with this Ripcoil 215 yards and that's really unusual for me.

Mike Kruger | 20 handicap
Linda Moss
I might just outdrive my husband

After using the Ripcoil, I was able to swing faster without feeling that I was trying to do something I wasn't comfortable doing. Training with the Ripcoil allowed me to really pull it down with a lot of force and not feel afraid that I wasn't gonna hit the ball accurately. It just gave me more confidence in doing that.

I think the only man I'd have to worry about would be my husband and I cannot outdrive him yet, but I'm hoping to with using this Ripcoil.

Linda Moss | 14 handicap
Paul Plinksy
Ripcoil provides unmatched feedback

(Ripcoil) sequenced your backswing, it provided you feedback all the way through to the end of your backswing, set the club and then when you came through you just could swing as hard as you wanted to. A lot of the other devices don't have anywhere near that capability as far as feedback.

Most of my buddies are giant guys or North American huge people that play golf and eat a lot of beef and hit the ball a long way, and I just mainly catch up with them on the second and third shots. Now maybe I'll be able to give them a little bit of tension on the drive thanks to the Ripcoil.

Paul Polinsky | 9 handicap
Ron Miller
After Ripcoil, I’m feelin’ the rhythm

(Ripcoil) gives you the rhythm that you need and the timing. It allows you to swing as hard and fast as you can and not worry too much about losing your direction. I normally hit a low drive, and I hit one today that was high and it was boomed out there to 230. It's probably been 30 years, 20 years since I've hit one 240 or 230.

If I go out with the buddies, and I'm nailing it 20 to 30 yards longer, they're gonna ask me about it. I can either share my information with them or I can just keep it a big, dark secret and take their money.

Ron Miller | 13.5 handicap
Steve Ladd
Big difference in a short time

My biggest struggle is with distance. If I'm lucky, many times I'm hitting 175, 180 yards with the driver and the Ripcoil helped me hit the ball further and with a slight draw, which gave me much more distance. That's going to cut down the distances I have into those par 4s and par 5s.

I was surprised that it made that much difference in just a short period of time. How it helped me was getting my legs involved and my lower body involved with hitting the ball and consequently the ball goes a lot further.

Steve Ladd | 16 handicap
Susan Blackwell
A great investment if you want more distance

Gaining 15, 20 yards in 15 or 20 minutes, it speaks for itself. I think that there's definitely another 10 yards anyway on top of the 20 that I've already improved in 20 minutes. I may be a 200-yard hitter before it's all said and done.

The ladies that I play with, they're all looking for distance right now. They're beating down lesson pros left and right. And my goodness, I think that this would probably enhance their game as much as any teaching pro and the money that you have to pay them on a regular basis.

Susan Blackwell | 14.2 handicap
Thomas Tallant
Stop rushing and go faster

The Ripcoil showed me that going back I didn't have to rush it, and coming down I could just go as fast as I want, and I could feel that lag that they talk about, a lot. And it just felt much freer.

I've come out to the range and hit golf balls a lot. And I hit one or two, I hit them pretty good and think I've got it, and then I don't. I picked that Ripcoil up, and in 15 minutes I was hitting the ball 220 yards. If I used it every day? Or just came out to the range and swung it, and then got the driver out and hit it? I think it'd make a heck of a difference.

Thomas Tallant | 17.5 handicap

No doubt about it, the Ripcoil RP6 was a BIG hit with these golfers.

They’ll soon have lots of company – because what golfer doesn’t want to:

  • Drive it much longer off the tee…
  • Add distance with every iron, hybrid and fairway wood…
  • Gain accuracy and consistency, and…
  • Swing with smooth, controlled power…
  • All with a minimal investment of time and effort (not to mention money).

We know you do.

And we want you to do it ASAP with the new Ripcoil RP6. That’s why we’re providing this button:

Still not 100% sure the Ripcoil is right for you?

We understand. If you’re like us, you’ve already got a closet full of training aids that were too hard to use… or made you feel ridiculous on the range… or did nothing for your game. (Maybe all of the above.)

Rest assured:

Ripcoil is easy (and a blast) to use, looks like a normal golf club and will do wonders for your swing.

One thing we haven’t fully explained, though, is how it does what it does.

The short version: Ripcoil’s heavy, ultra-flexible shaft all but forces you to synchronize your upper and lower body movements and swing with steady tempo, while the hittable driver head provides feedback no other distance trainer can match.

Here’s the whole story:

How it slows down your backswing and gets you on plane

The first time you pick up the RP6, you immediately notice its extra weight. The first time you swing it, you instantly feel the shaft’s extreme flexibility. To wit: If you swing back too quickly with the hands and arms, Ripcoil’s shaft will bow outward and leave the head behind.

If you swing back too far inside or outside, you’ll feel the head tugging on the shaft and your hands. When you’re properly on plane and rotating your upper body, the club will feel lighter and easier to handle.

“The Ripcoil definitely won't let you use the small muscles without it instantly giving you feedback that you shouldn't be using them,” Paul Polinsky said. “It has to be a one-piece swing or you're gonna get in trouble.”

It’s absolutely critical to nail this part of the swing. With Ripcoil, you’ll soon do just that.

Speed Through Impact

How it smooths out your transition

Did you know it takes less than a quarter of a second to shift from backswing to downswing? Yep. And aside from impact, this may be the swing’s defining moment.

It’s also the point where most golfers make a huge mistake: “casting” the club outward with the hands and wrists. Do this with Ripcoil and it will feel like a fishing rod. To make it behave, you have to initiate the downswing with the lower body, which triggers a chain reaction through the torso, shoulders and arms.

Do this correctly and you’ll feel Ripcoil’s shaft loading (bending) while the clubhead stays back. Which brings us to…

How it speeds up your downswing and instills coveted “lag”

Now that you’ve reached the top of the swing with proper positions and timing, and started down smoothly and in sequence, you’re poised to build and unleash tons of speed.

And where does that speed come from? It comes from “lag” – the angle formed by the left arm and the shaft on the downswing. A tighter angle (more lag) produces more power while a wide angle, usually caused by casting, is a speed killer.

There’s another way Ripcoil speeds up your downswing: By giving you the confidence to let ‘er rip. Several of our test golfers, including big gainers Paul Polinsky and Thomas Tallant, said swinging Ripcoil freed them to “just let it go.”

Added Mark Felton (the guy who added 25.6 yards to his driving average): “It taught me to slow my takeaway down and then increase your speed going after the ball. It taught me that real quick.”

How hitting the Ripcoil RP6 brings it all together

How often have you made a great practice swing, only to top, slice or sky the ensuing tee shot? About a billion times, right? Fact is…

Swinging at air is not the same as swinging at a ball.

That’s why Ripcoil’s designers – including former Golf Digest “Hot List” winner Josh Boggs – equipped it with a real, live driver head (instead of an unhittable sphere like some aids feature).

Tee up Ripcoil and you’ll have to take it back slowly and on plane, pull down smoothly from the top, and accelerate through the ball to hit a solid shot. Fail to do any of these things and, well, the results won’t be pretty.

The idea is to replicate your Ripcoil swing with your driver and other clubs. If you can do that, you’re well on your way to more distance and better golf.

Oops. We should have said when you can do that. A little practice with Ripcoil and it’s only a matter of time.

We give you plenty of that with our…

60-Day, Money-Back, Nothing-to-Lose Guarantee

That’s right – you get a full two months to try the Ripcoil RP6. Swing it and hit it as much as humanly possible and if you don’t:

  • Greatly increase your driving distance
  • Get longer throughout the bag
  • Hit it straighter off the tee and into the greens
  • Improve your ball-striking consistency, and…
  • Feel absolutely thrilled with your smooth, effortlessly powerful new swing

Then return your Ripcoil for a full refund (minus any shipping and handling charges).

The risk is all ours. The gains are all yours.

Money Back Guarantee

Our guess: Not only will you keep the Ripcoil RP6, you’ll use it every day.

  • Before every round…
  • At home and on the range…
  • And you’ll keep getting longer…
  • Straighter…
  • More consistent…
  • By swinging with silky-smooth tempo…
  • Impeccable timing…
  • Loads of ball-crushing lag…
  • The confidence to go all out and let ‘er rip.

Without a million thoughts racing through your head.

Put it all together and purchasing the Ripcoil is, well, a real no-brainer. Scroll down to order yours today.


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